About Us Block

Home Nails, a nails salon founded by Wang Huiqin in 2008, started off as a home-based nails salon in Punggol. Home Nails has now moved into a new phase of its business--A retail nail salon in town! With this business expansion, Home Nails continues to serve its loyal customers at the new store, while acquiring a better reach to the customers from all over Singapore.

In our new realm of relaxation, Home Nails' customers lounge comfortably while having a cuppa t resting their minds and letting Home Nails beautify their hands and feet. Customers are free to browse from the latest nails magazines and to get some entertainment from their huge SmartTV. Some of Home Nails' popular services are Gel Extension, 3D Nail Arts, Gelish Nails and Bridal Nails. The owner obtained her certifications from Korea specializing in nail designs and the other nail therapists obtained their certifications from reputable academies,  the likes of APT Professional Team.

We have been voted the top 10 Best Nail Salons in Singapore by Honeycombers (http://thehoneycombers.com/singapore/best-nail-salons-in-singapore-2013/) and we have also been lauded by "Her World" magazine in 2014 as one of the "Must Visit" salon. Just recently, our Nail Art has been featured in Timeout magazine (June 2015 issue) for the Fashion Week Singapore.